Radius Effector 2



Radius Effector 2 is designed from zero and improve all you’ve seen on the original Radius Effector.

Designed to be a robust tool for your day to day motion graphics/vfx/mappings/vjs  Radius Effector 2 is a powerfull tool to animate thousands of objects in an easy and flexible way, without any key creation.

Radius Effector is a toolbox for Thinking Particles, version 2 is created with Bullet physics  so you need TP 5 or TP6 to use RE2.

Radius Effector 2 Pro features:

-Up to 6 effectors.
-3 diferent modes.
-3 curve presets fallof.
-Affect position,scale and rotation.
-Advanced position options.
-Realtime bullet physics. Easiest physics setup ever! Only one button to enable physics.
-Use Effectors as forces.
-Export particles as geometry


NEW! RE Lite and Pro updated to TP6, with enhanced productivity funtions. Creating objects inside RE_Geometry Layer imports them directly inside RE, and you can acces directly your animation curves from the modifier panel. (TP5 version is still included).
Anselm von Seherr-Thoss
Incendii LLC Visual Effects

“RadiusEffector is a great tool for motion graphics based work inside of 3dsmax. Having TP under the hood it is highly scalable and very robust to work with. RadiusEffector is production proven and great fun for all thigs disintegrating! “

Toufik Mekbel
Vfx artist

“Radius Effector is a very useful tool, it save’s alot of time and allows you to create amazing animations.”

Cedric Jaccheri
Bloc D Design studio 

“Awesome tools! such a simple setup for crazy possibilities and fully editable!”

John A. Martini
JokerMartini CG artist 

“Eloi has done it again, a game changing tool which shapes the way digital artists work, increasing artist’s speed and control.”

-Diferences between versions: