Pinball Pro for 3ds Max


A 3d model of a pinball, totally interactive, play live inside 3dsmax, or let the AI play for you, with puntuation system, its also a very good tool to learn some advanced dynamic sets in Thinking Particles.


Pinball Pro for 3dsmax is a game for Thinking Particles, but at the same time is a new workflow, a source to learn thinking Particles tricks and improve your skills, a prove of concept of what is possible without going out of 3dsmax, and of course a high quality Pinball with original textures totally modificable and configurable.

Pinball Pro for 3dsmax is based in TP bullet physics and rules based aproach. Showing that is possible to create games inside 3dsmax faster than using other game engines where you need to create multiple lines of code, export lowpoly objects,  limitations on texture sizes,…. In Pinball Pro there is no single script, is totally created using TP. We have control over flips, shooting ball, there is rules to move the table, a real time score system, take in acount diferent puntuations based on collisions, dynamic lighting when you lose the ball, sparks, bouncers that push the ball, turbos,….

Pinball Pro requires 3dsmax 2012 or superior, (3dsmax 2015 recomended for viewport performance), Thinking Particles 5 Demo, Thinking Particles 5 or Thinking Particles 6

Pinball Pro shows some of the new features on 3dsmax 2015 nitrous viewports. All the animations on the video uses viewport screencapture with  less than 5 seconds per frame on FULLHD resolution. We have antialias, reflections, 3K textures, 2K shadow maps in real time, Ambient Oclusion and Depth Of Field.

With Pinball Pro you have a complete and detailed 3d Pinball model with original textures from Simon Léveillé up to 5K resolution. Suitable for closeups and with great details.


Learn Thinking Particles: Pinball Pro is not a step by step tutorial, but you will found explanations on all dynamic sets. You can learn:

-Create a real time game using TP and Bullet physics together with 3dsmax Motion capture. (Move left/right flip, the table, and shoot the ball)

-Create an AI using TP that plays for you.

-Create a real time puntuation system.

-Connect rules to control dynamic lighting in your 3d scene following your game.

-Bouncines for the ball when impact bouncers.

-Set the system for flippers.

-Puntuation squares animates down when a ball touch them.

-Move the pinball table when the ball stops.

-Real time physics with complex geometry like the rails.

-Totally customizable Pinbal: Move the elements you want and see how everything interacts as it should.

-You have any question about the setup, just ask me.

And overall have a lot of fun playing inside 3dsmax!


Read the FAQ for any question.