Im Eloi Andaluz Fulla. A vfx artist, living in Canada, originary from Barcelona. I started studying Architecture, then a Master in Structural analysis and other studies  in solar energy. I discover 3D  that started as a hobby in 2002 with a demo version of 3dsmax 2. I  learned by my own all software I fond available.

I worked in  many fields, first as an architect doing Archviz on the side, then transitioned to motion graphics/advertising, then doing mappings for Operas moving around the globe. Then I moved to Canada Montreal to join Moment Factory doing Interactive installations and mappings.

Next, I moved to Vancouver to join ScanlineVFX as an FX artist working in multiple movies you can found on my portfolio

During my time in Vancouver I created EffectiveTDs together with Goran Pavles, company to sell professional courses and tools. At the beginning of 2019 I moved back to Montreal to keep working on FX in Scanline.

Eloi Andaluzbwlowres

During all this time I have been doing freelance works on projects I feel interesting or motivating. Im really passionate on my work and after hours of studio work I usually pass more time discovering new software or new workflows. Im an active betatester for Thinking Particles, 3ds max, Bifrost, Arnold and Storm. You can find me as well on multiple forums, specially ETD trying to solve problems and share knowledge. And maybe you know my channel in Youtube where I share 3d information and tips and tricks.

Other than 3d, I enjoy nature and photography. I like hiking, kayaking, biking, snowboarding or any related outdoor activity. Im also a big fan of animals!