Eloi Andaluz R&D Pack




During years of learning I accumulate multiple scenes on my hardrive. This is a compilation of some I think you can found interesting. You will found Thinking Particle tools, R&D scenes, and some old projects you can use to learn or play, a total of more than 30 files and going up. On my blog you will found some of the tutorials to this scenes. Others are just scenes I created to test different possibilities.


-Grid Master (Creates a Grid!)

-Air Master (create Wind generators that actually  collide with the environment and advect other objects with it)


– Incredible Machine

-Canons shooting animated teapots

-Popcorn, particles switch shape.

-Arrows animated on impact

-Ballons created with splines

-Bush reacting to colliders

-Game of life recreated in TP

-Butterflies showcasing non linear random selection.

-Muffins created procedural to showcase TP6 new tools.

-TP inverted projection to reveal a texture

-TP Vehicle simulation

-TP6 Drop7 multiple files to showcase new features like dynamic fracturing, particle skinner and others.

-ETD logo desintegration.

-Multiple value to value examples.

-Create dynamic snow in 3ds max.

-And more!