Map Transfer



Map Transfer is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to speed up animations with multiple objects.

Created to be flexible enough but at the same time quick and easy to work with. Is the perfect tool for motion graphics,  vj-s videos and mappings, creat incredible animations just in seconds!

Map Transfer works with Thinking Particles 5 or 6

Features list:

-Transform objects using grayscale information. (position, rotation and scale, world and local transformations).

-Use any procedural map or grayscale texture.

-Works with animated bitmaps.

-Animate objects or polygons.

-Use uv-s from the object to be animated or use uv-s from external object.

-Select how particles take uv-s information from external object (Local and Global axis searching).

-Different ways to create animation: Animate procedural map, from video, animate Map transfer parameters or animate the external object.


Map Transfer overview: