Demolition Master




Demolition Master is a 3dsmax tool based on Thinking Particles  for make quick, and easy destructions. I provide a 3dsmax scene, with   Demolition Master on it, all debris already connected and FumeFx setup. All thinking particles parameters are exposed on modifier panel, so you don’t need to know Thinking Particles workflow.

All are advantages in a full particles setup, particles change from one rule to another. You change parameters in real time in any frame and all your animation is recalculated. Delete geometry frags or debris based on his position, create procedural geometry.

Demolition Master uses Thinking Particles dynamic solver, more solid and stable than physx, with concave and convex objects enabled.

For Demolition Master you need 3dsmax 2010, 2011,2012 or 2013 with Thinking Particles 6 installed. FumeFx is also supported but not necessary.

Features list:

  • Interactive Dynamic Demolition System.
  • Procedural bullets.
  • Procedural Joint system.
  • Concrete, wood, glass and steel materials with specific parameters.
  • Full destruction control, fragmentation objects pass different states with different frictions defined by user.
  • Instant debris creation (splashes, trails, impact debris) for concrete, wood, steel, glass materials and bullets.
  • Instant interaction with FumeFx.
  • Thinking particles Tool, so you can refine all parameters for your needs.
  • TP dynamic solver presets, choose quality/speed, concave and convex objects supported.
  • Atractors, wind, and gravity modifier
  • Activators, choose what you want to destruct.
  • Export geometry
  • Bullet physics New in 1.6!
  • Use proxys to accelerate dynamics/viewport speed New in 1.6!
New features in 1.8:

New features in 1.5:

New features in 1.4:

New features in 1.2:

Demolition Master come with two versions, Demolition Master Lite (DM Lite) and Demolition Master.

DM Lite is free! I decided to keep one version very simple with principal needs, the most used materials, basics debris, and simpler controls. Now updated to version 1.6 with procedural joint system, bullet physics, export options and more!


If you try DM Lite and you like it, consider to buy Demolition Master, with full control over your destructions. Also you are helping me to improve DM and make more tutorials.