Best 3D Software for every artist.

We will go through the most used 3d packages. Check the strengths of each one, to orient new people in what software they should use based on goals and usages.

Programs that we will check are 3ds max, Houdini, Maya, Blender, Modo and cinema 4d.

I will talk about the most software based on industry, as well as some personal opinions about them.

Let me know on the comments what do you use, and why is the best tool for your job.

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10 FX tools in 3dsmax

This is the list of my favorite tools for FX in 3dsmax.

10. Forest Pack 9.Xmesh 8.Razor/Fastcutter 7.Stoke/Genome 6.FumeFx 5.Krakatoa 4.Frost 3.Vray 2.Flowline 1.Thinking Particles.

I miss something? Do you use something else? write me a comment!

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3dsmax 2019

So… I had not enough being betatester for Thinking Particles, and around 8 month ago I joined the beta community for 3dsmax. Great people there, and trying to push for what I think will be great to be seen in 3dsmax, ;always feeling good when you can try to make a difference on the software that I use now for over 15 years… time past fast! So here some videos I did for testing, or to help diffusion of 3dsmax 2019, that I really thing was a really great new version

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TP Balls falling

Some times 3d is only for fun. Here I did this video, inspired on a facebook video I saw.

Done in TP, and rendered in Arnold. The basics are the same as this ones:  Only difference is that now we apply the material to spheres and not to implicit shape.

I used materials, you should be able to use vertex color for simplier TP setup. Only remember to enable on Arnold compatibility with 3dsmax shaders.

You can download the scenes here:  Max (2016 and 2018, and TP).


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TP Chains course

I created this course for Effectivetds to learn some intermediate and advance content about TP. I teach how to create a chain tool, but the content can be applied on multiple scenarios. Learning about distribution around shapes, using valuetovalue, in deep Bullet understanding, fixing nodes, using debug, using custom data, using the new custom attributes, creating joints based on contact position, creating a tool in TP and a long etcetera. You can check it:

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