Arnold 5.3 GPU

We have finally an open beta, for everyone, where you will be able to try Arnold running on the GPU and making use of RTX technology (if available). Here some information and hands on, with Arnold 5.3 and 3dsmax.

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Best laptop for 3d in 2019

I get a lot of questions about if its possible to use a laptop to learn 3d, and the trust is, in 2019 there are plenty of laptops and not expensive that can run perfectly any 3d software.

Here some suggestions of laptops I think will be very good for 3d during this 2019.

I created a complete article with a lot of information here:


On a budget:

Asus gl553 Dell inspiron: MSI gp63: (This one is a more modern laptop than the one I use)

15″ gaming laptops:

msi stealth 15″ 1060: msi stealth 15″ 1070: (very thin laptop) asus strix II 15″ 1060 or 1070: MSI gs65 15″ 1060 : MSI gs65 15″ 1070:

Good quality and nice finishes laptops (if you need something looking more professional):

Dell xps 15: Aero 15 RTX 2070 version available razer 15 inch:

Ultralight …

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Free 3d Models

A lot of times when I do R&D or personal projects I look for free content to work over. This are my favourite places for free and with the right copyright to reuse 3d models, textures or animations.

On effectivetds you will found the full links list:

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3ds Max Tips & Tricks

Back from my holidays in Paris and Barcelona! First think I did, while in jetlag mode, is to do a new video showcasing some techniques, tips and tricks (totally random) I use time to time. I hope you found it useful!

Also we updated the forum, now looks way more modern, come to discuss Technical problems with us!


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Eevee in 3dsmax?

This weekend I have been playing with Blender 2.8 and eevee. Last time I touch Blender was version 1.something (loong time ago!), and looks very different… for good! We have finally layers (here called collections, and pretty similar to 3dsmax layers), and the big star is eevee! Looks very good, its fast, the nodal shader system looks solid, pretty cool overall. I wanted to replicate a similar look in 3dsmax, and here is the tutorial in how to get reflections, and normal maps in 3dsmax, and how different it is from eevee.

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Interactive Snow tutorial

Im a big fan of RDR2! great game!, While playing there are so many details, like the incredible volumetrics effects, sky formation, or prints in snow and mud. So I decided to recreate the effect in 3dsmax using datachannels, and its really easy!

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