The most complete particle system in 3dsmax receive a new update with a lot of new features.

thinkingParticles 7.1 comes with a new MPM solver called “hyperelasticity” that creates very elastic objects as you can see on the video presentation: With this tP has 7 different MPM solvers.

But there are other news on this release. Now VDB is displayed on viewport if you are on 3dsmax 2023 (because its using the new volume API introduced on this 3dsmax version).

SimpleDeform is a new operator to deform geometry using particles. Tracer is another operator that allows to hires your simulations adding new particles that follow original simulated particles with almost no extra computational time. SPH solver has been updated, with faster impulse response. Shapepivot adjust allow to change pivot points procedurally, and MPM clusters.

You can see more individual videos here

And the press release here

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