Bayan Al Safadi created this nice mechanical escalator that is totally parametric using MCG in 3dsmax. You can download a free version, or you can check the Pro version with even more options.

Supported with 3dsmax 2016 – 2023

installation :

to install run 3dsmax in the menu go to ” Scripting ” then ” Install Max Creation Graph ( . mcg) package “.

Usage :

in the create panel go to geometry then choose “3D | RnD” category

like any other geomtry after choosing “3DRnD_Escalator” click on the view port and the Escalator will be created.

UI :

  • Escalator Height: change Escalator’s Height.
  • unit : “not editable” it shoes the system unit used in the file.
  • Angle : 30 , 35 .
  • Material : ( Standard , Physical , Vray , Corona).
  • Assign Material : assign material.

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