Spline caster is a Plugin by Joker Martini to create in a fast way a spline projected on the geometry of any geometry, cost 4$

  1. Two – Click Spline Placement – Quickly create splines between a start and end point with just two clicks. Additionally tune the curviness of the splines by-dragging your cursor left-right on the screen.
  2. Freehand Draw With Lazy Mouse – Draw directly on all visible geometry in the scene by simple just clicking and dragging your cursor around. You can continue drawing the line with the ‘auto line continuation’ feature.


  • Supports 3ds Max 2017 or newer
  • Realtime previewing as you draw
  • 2-Click cable creation with auto-calculated curve
  • User customization for spline curviness
  • Freehand draw splines on geometry with lazy mouse support

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