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The first tutorial I present is for archviz, audio is in english, subtitles with multiple languages, by Milan Stevanovik, its an entry level course to learn the basics to visualize architectural elements with 3ds max.

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Link to the course: https://bit.ly/3MoO5I9

Create an architectural model of a building filled with detail from the initial brief to the final touches in Photoshop

Architectural visualization goes beyond creating realistic models of buildings — it’s a way to illustrate and inspire a new future. Milan Stevanović is an architect and artist who specializes in creating 3D models of buildings. As founder of A+ Studio, his aim is to help architects and developers present their work to investors and buyers in the best way possible.

In this course, Milan shares his industry expertise to hone your architectural illustration skills. Dive into 3ds Max and learn how to use its digital tools to shape, model, render, and retouch striking visualizations of the buildings you envision.

What will you learn in this online course?


  • U1Introduction
  • U2Getting Started with the Project
  • U3Modeling the Building
  • U4Modeling Additional Details and Terrain
  • U5Composition, Lighting, and Shading
  • U6Environment and Atmosphere
  • U7Post-production in Photoshop
  • FPFinal project

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Begin by getting to know Milan. He shares his professional background, and his experience with architectural visualization. See some photo references of his work before hearing about his influences and his sources of inspiration.

Discover the possibilities of 3D modeling by getting an overview of what it encompasses. Milan guides you through the 3ds Max interface, its digital tools and what they can do. Next, take a look at a client’s brief and understand how to interpret it. Then, start modeling the basic structure by exploring the process of importing and positioning different elements.

Milan guides you through the process of adding details in the surrounding space, as well as the interior elements like furniture, flooring, carpentry, and more. Learn how to create an exterior scene by modeling structures like outdoor stairs and adding texture.

Bring your architectural visualization to life by seeing how to set up the finalized scene. Learn how to adjust your illustration to manipulate camera positioning. Milan teaches you the basics of working with VRay presets, before exploring lighting materials and texturizing environmental details.

To wrap up the course, Milan shows you how to render your visualization and import it to Photoshop for the final details. He takes you step by step through adding the final touches, fixing errors, and even adding a dog! Hear Milan’s final tips on presenting your work and how to showcase it to clients.

What is this course’s project?

Create a detailed model of a weekend house.

Link to the course: https://bit.ly/3MoO5I9

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