3ds Max 2023 presented the first update, Update1. Lots of performance improvements and some new ways to interact with max.

Spline receive a “smart extrude” treatment. shift+drag to extrude any vertex or segment.

Morph modifier has been updated, now its orders of magnitude faster.

3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements

The same for skin modifier, way faster!

Turbosmooth modifier? Yes the same, now way faster!

Isolate mode (Alt+Q) now allow you to do more. By default will not do a “zoom extend” however you can change to do zoom extend as well. Now the shortcut will act like a toggle. Press Alt+Q you go in isolate mode. If the selection doesnt change, or you dont have anything selected, pressing again Alt+Q you will exit isolate mode.

File merge with a lot of data is way faster now, also Alembic has been updated to a newer version being much faster.

Vertex paint allow to “Capture” whatever selection is currently on the stack to modify it with the paint tool:

3ds Max 2022.1 Ignore Occluded

And a lot extra improvements:

The Perspective Match tool has been improved with a new “Allow Distorted View” option that enables the view to be distorted in a non-uniform way to better match the image that is being used.

Smart Extrude now includes an improved algorithm to detect overlap or cut through between a pair of faces and to form replacement faces when dealing with concave information. Other improvements have also been made to help with face generation, face triangulation for colinear and concave corners, and hidden edge visibility.

When using Unfold3D Optimize option to relax UV data, you can now pass an active UV component selection to this operation to limit the Unfold3d relax to be applied to the selected area only.

3ds Max 2022.1 Ignore Occluded

Chamfer operations performed through the Chamfer modifier and Editable Poly now include an enhanced retriangulation algorithm which reduces the chance of long and thin edges, or misaligned edges from occurring and potentially causing visual distortions on the geometry.

3ds Max 2022.1 Ignore Occluded

Material Libraries are an important part of many production workflows as they enable you to share material data between scenes and projects. This update features improved support and compatibility to save newly created or edited Material Libraries to the current or previous versions* of 3ds Max using a new “Save as type” option found in the Material Editor.  

For more information: https://newpossible.autodesk.com/3dsmax

3dsmax release notes

Changsoo complete list of new features: 3dsMax Whats New unofficial

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