Tyson released a new version of his successful toolbox for VFX, Tyflow.

Biggest news on this version is the complete UI rewrite using QT for all operators and all modifiers. Now its lighting fast to open modifiers or with complex tyflow setups to move over operators. Also allow for interesting extras, like any parameter is not default will change of color. This make it easier to know on a fast glance what parameters you tweak.

Also added New compound Physx. Now its possible create complex hulls in physx automatically, based on elements, or based on a grid automatically. I covered an exclusive tutorial for my Patreons covering this new functions.

Added also new noises in a lot of areas with a preview of them, added Vray 6 support and other improvements you can see on the changelog:

  • added support for VRay 6
  • added option to enable sub-frame memory caching for improving tyFlow retimer accuracy when subframe timestep enabled (experimental)
  • added tyRetimeController for retiming the transforms of other objects (see docs for more info)
  • added material ID filtering to Birth Intersections operator
  • added falloff parameter to tyParticleSkin modifier, for smoother skinning
  • added new noise UI to Displace operator and Cluster operator
  • added max slice and bounds radius threshold parameters to Bounds Fracture operator
  • added “SetMesh” function to Script operator
  • added “PhysX overlap” mode to the Property Test neighbor test
  • retimer speed mode is now animatable in both tyFlow and tyCache objects
  • added edge loop selection mode to tySelect modifier

Project by Krzysztoff Hrycak using Tyflow in Samsung Galaxy S22, shared in tyflow facebook group:

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