All courses in Effective Technical Directors are now free. This includes multiple of my courses for thinking Particles. The courses are:

Thinking Particles Zero to Hero. In this One I will consider you dont know any thinking Particles, we will go from the most basic to some advance projects using tP 7. 41 tutorials covering different projects.

TP: Procedural road creation. I will show you how to create a tP setup that will create a procedural road, using only one spline, the system will create the road, supports for the bridge, banking controls, and a car with dynamics that will drive over it.

thinking Particles: Chain tool We will create a procedural system that this time will create chains. We will solve different problematic situations to have an stable simulation that is very fast and we will create a tool using tP so other artists dont even need to open the interface.

Curso thinking Particles Basico a intermedio en español. This one is similar to the tP zero to Hero, but with some different exercises and in Spanish. From very basic to intermediate things in tP.

Tree rigging with tP part1 and part 2 Goran Pavles is covering a very interesting setup to break trees using thinking Particles. Covers some techniques to generate a skeleton using the uvs from your tree model, with max script will procedurally skin each branch to the tree bones, and create dynamic leaves that react to the motion.

Thinking Particles Drop 7 new features. I cover some of the new features on tP7. These were already free, but adding it here for accessibility.

Houdini vs tP. This one was already free, adding it here for accessibility, Goran Pavles and myself will cover how to do different tasks in Houdini and the equivalent in tP

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  1. Hello Eloi. When try to access the course From Zero to Hero, this message apears: Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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