Paul Fuller released for free his awesome script “Razor. I personally used the tool in multiple projects like destructions in Game of Thrones, Godzilla vs Kong, Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and others.

It allows to create cuts in your geometry drawing directly in viewport the cut. What makes it very powerful are all the different automatic checks its doing to make sure the cut doesnt produce bad geometry, the control over the cut geometry look, and the possibility to recover your previous original geometry independently from 3ds max “undo” .

All buttons in the script can be assigned to shortcuts to work even faster, and create very good looking hires cuts in your geometry.

You have a tutorial where I cover why I like so much this tool:


  1. David Ford

    Does Razor work with Max 2023 ? I’m only seeing the top panel, and do not have the draw button or other settings.

  2. ABBAD Mohamed Chabane

    Hi Eloi thank you for all the content that you created, there is a problem with the url of effectivetds , it doesn’t work, also i can’t access to TP courses

  3. Same problem with razor in Max 2021 or 2022: The lower part of the panel is missing (and all gettings started video links were broken). Seems to be a panel UI problem, because I can see the borders of the lower part but impossible to extend the panel.

    It’s great to get free tools, but it’s not great if they do not work at all and you spent trustfully hours.
    p.s. I have bought this once, what is “free” now 🙁

  4. ABBAD Mohamed Chabane

    Hey Eloi did you reupload TP courses ?

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