We got updates on the two most advanced particle systems in 3dsmax.

In one side we have thinkingParticles 7.2, a new update to the veteran particle system. On this update we got improvements on VDB.  A new Math Expression Language has been added to allow for ultra fast math equations while initializing/creating OpenVDB volumes, called MEL.

Allow for very fast iterations over VDB. Also OpenVDB has been updated to Version 9.1.0 , making it faster and fixing a lot of bugs working with VDBs. Different bug fixes as well.

More information on cebas website

On tyflow side we got 3 different updates during august, being the latest one Tyflow 1.009. Multiple improvements, like adding a new whitewater solver, added zhu-bridson blobmesh mode to tymesher and particles to vdb operator. Updated OpenVDB library to version 9, added variation curves to different operators, to be able to control multiple parameters in a non linear way.

On shape grid we got a new grid slice mode, for more accurate convex subhulls for compound collider, and what for me its a HUGE update a new “Sticky birth penetrations options to Physx Shape operator. That allow a more none explosive destructions and a more natural feeling even when some geometry is interpenetrating. Something only possible until now with slower metodes like voxel systems. Also much more updates you can found on the documentation here

Check the Physx new metode on this cool tests by Boban on facebook

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