A super exciting new version of FumeFX “6” its by far the biggest change to FumeFX ever! A completely new node based procedural system. That is not only about smoke and fire this time, but allows for complex rigid body dynamics, cloth, softbodies, voxel grid manipulation, as you can see on the video with deep integration with Arnold, Arnold curves, instances, volumes and more.

With over 130 ready to use nodes artists can create amazing visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently than ever before. FumeFX 6 beta for 3ds max is now open to everyone! It is available as a free, fully functional commercial license that is valid until 31.December.2022.

FumeFX 6 beta can be used for leaning purposes, for non-commercial project or in a large studio for a major blockbuster film project at no charge during this beta period. Whatever project you have, feel free to use it and share your experience on our support forum.

Get your free FumeFX 6 license from our support forum at: http://forum.afterworks.com

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