FMX 2022 conference are happening may 3 to 6th.

In one side we have the Autodesk vision series. With interesting talks from Autodesk. We have Sergio Santos doing a class about new modeling techniques thanks to latest’s improvements on 3dsmax. Its called: Modeling Madness: Experimenting in 3ds Max

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You can see all the Autodesk vision series here: Autodesk Vision Series FMX 2022

We have as well a masterclass by Mike Kuhn about reverse rigging techniques in 3ds Max.

May be an image of text that says 'FMX2022 CHANGING THE GAME WWW.FMX.DE #FMX2022 Reverse Rigging Mike Kuhn, Friday, May 06, 13:45 ONLINE Raum Mannheim FMX2022 AN EVENT BY FILMAKADEMIE BADEN-WORTTEMBERG animationsinstitut'

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