We have the first update for 3ds Max 2024! A lot of small improvements on multiple areas to boost productivity.

-We can finally copy/paste any controller directly from the spinners!

We can set as new default that will be persistent on different 3ds max sessions any value you want!

-Array keeps getting better. We have a new first/middle/last, that will instance 3 different elements, keeping constantly the first and last element as you can see on this example to create a zipper. A new ordered metode, and new phylotaxis options.

-A new caching method has been added to the Boolean Modifier. Boolean result meshes are now saved with the scene file, which makes subsequent loading of boolean scenes up to 7x faster.

The Boolean Modifier now fully supports smoothing groups, specified normals, and explicit normals

-And also more improvements on smart extrude, fixing normals and smoothing groups as the user will expect.

And not forget performance improvements! FFD modifiers are faster, up to 2X. Vertex paint modifier, when using the brush tools is 10X faster.

We can import multiple images at once on the Material Editor, just drag and drop multiple files in to it. And a lot of improvements on spline allows for faster workflows.

To see the full list of improvements, check Changsoo Eun unoficial list with a very complete list. Or check the official list.

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  1. NOW ITS Time to Update 3dmax (Viewport Canvas) need to update Like substance

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