We have a complete new max 2024!

I cover on Patreon an in depth review for booleans and new array modifiers.

3ds Max 2024 is one of the biggest updates that I remember.

We have improvements in modeling, animation, UI, materials, performance, rendering, color management, and more!

The star of this new version is provably the new boolean modifier, that has been turbo charged, will work when the old booleans will fail, multiple modes, and workflows to accelerate your boolean game.

Even a VDB boolean has been implemented! allowing for total new workflows inside 3ds max.

We have also improvements on array with a new philotaxis metode, and other improvements. The internal triangulation system has been improved to work better in difficult situations, and improvements on material ID modifier.

On animation we have a new list controller and improvements in CAT and character studio.

We have a new modifier list based on QT, its faster than ever, and a new search filter, its easier to found the modifier you are looking for.

A new material editor has been introduced, totally based on QT, its snappier than before, allow for color customization, different areas has been enhanced, and now is possible to do compounds from your maps, an dock the material editor.

A new material switcher has been introduced. A new color management system affects lots of different areas in 3dsmax, from color picking, importing or exporting images, viewport, rendering etc…

STL importer and STL checker are way way faster!

And not to forget improvements in maxscript, USD, Arnold and even more! Links:

Unofficial 3ds Max 2024 features by Changsoo Eun (short videos on this page are coming from him!)

3ds Max 2024 feature list:

3ds Max official video.

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