3ds Max changed a lot during last years, but the perception for some people is that its exactly the same, with maybe more bugs???

The reality is that UI related its true that maybe max looks very similar than 10 years ago, maybe didn’t had a huge amount of crazy new tech (that we can argue, since we had liquids, smart extrude, DCM, MCG, retopology, and other interesting features that had more or less success.

But what maybe some people its missing, is that even the UI its similar, during last years max devs spend a huge amount of time on making everything faster, snappier, working more intelligent.

Changsoo Eun created this cool video that illustrate on real day to day production scenes the HUGE difference we have between max 2023 and 2013. Sure, they look the same (that for me is good), but we are getting 5 to 50 times faster working speeds in most of the tests. And for work related, is what I am looking for.

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