We have a new 3dsmax Update! the last of the year. This time we got a new OSL organic noise map, to create more interesting patterns and comes with 28 presets ready to use. Changsoo Eun created a video to display some of them:


We have a new OSL UVW randomizer, one for 2d images and one for 3d images. With it its very easy to offset uvs (position,rotation,scale), random per element or per object.

In performance we had improvements on poly to mesh, and mesh to poly conversions. This means a lot of modifiers will have speed ups increases up to 40%, on viewport there are speeds up to 35% thanks to that in some scenes, and when sending the scene to render like in Arnold we can see some substancial gains too.

Improvements on animation. One of my favorite is that attachment constraint now finally is not creating anymore a keyframe at zero, instead will be created on the current frame, or whatever has been defined in preferences. More improvements on CAT.

Updates on ATF importer to import most recent Catia and Alias versions, and updates on Substance importer.

Lots of fixes and improvements on different areas for modeling, including on the new array, and smart extrude, that fixes some memory leak problems, pivots not resetting, and others.

Finally 3dsmax ships with the latest MaxtoA

To check in detail all the fixes, make sure to check Changsoo Eun detailed list of improvements.

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