New max update!!!! And this one is huge. Not only we got an awesome new Array with multiple modes (Grid, radial, spline, mesh distributions)

For first time we got a lot of improvements fixes on animation (CAT and the track view updates). We had internal rewrites (Array is constructed over the new MnMesh2, a new mesh data structure in max that will be the foundation for all the new mesh based tools).

We got general speed improvements thanks to improvements to Poly to Mesh conversion that affects multiple areas (  about a 40% improvement to modifier performance on some modifiers, roughly 35% faster speed with the viewport, and roughly 10% faster speed with rendering. )

3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements

And even more improvements on editpoly retriangulation, gltf conversions, improvements on chamfers, and others.

3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements

This is the official release page.

However, as always Changsoo provides a more complete lists of improvements and changes on his website. Check also his youtube playlist with multiple examples on this new features

Changsoo also created a sample pack for you see the new array in practical examples.

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