Sometimes 3d artists need 3d models or textures for our work. Nowadays we have hundreds of sites providing good quality 3d models, scans, textures, hdri, or animations. Most of them require a payment, but also we can found multiple content for free. Its always a good option to check the page its legit, and if the content its free its with the consent of the artists, and check the copyright information to see if we can use it commercially or for personal works.

On this video I will show multiple pages I use for free and legal content to be used on my personal projects. Whatever if you use 3ds max, blender, cinema 4d, maya or houdini, this sites will help you with better content. If you are a modeller, a layout artist, and fx artist, a lighter and you need to start creating a portfolio, its always good to have an easier start with some quality base material to work in top off. Let me know in the comments if it has been useful, and what other sides do you know with free material.

Thanks! You can found the list of this 18 free sites here:… Feel free to add on the thread any page you know!