Uplift was my first project when I arrived in Moment Factory.

Soaring Attractions asked Moment Factory to create an original preshow to be presented right before the new FlyOver Canada experience at Canada Place in Vancouver. Uplift is a celebration of Canada’s landscape and its people in an inmersive 360 degree show. We combine in the show  surround sound, custom high definition multi-screen video projection, video mapping, computer animation and unique lighting installations, all deployed in a custom-built architectural environment.

I was in charge for all 3d transition effects, 3d template, looking for a good workflow to integrate all the video edition in 3d in a flexible way (explained here) and in charge for all 3d sequences: I created the preshow sequence, a 360 degree  ice crumble sequence using my tool Demolition Master, the first sequence with a parkour guy revealing the city combining 3d effects with my tools Radius Effector, doing the composition and editing, the different 3d wall movements during the show, transitions and different particle effects.