I worked with Moment Factory on Royal Caribbean International’s newest ship Quantum of the Seas. Working in Two70´s Vistarama, Roboscreens and Starwater show.  

My main task was Robots animation Research and Development and coordination during more than 1 year. Supervising initial workflows in Detroit, exploring robots possibilities and possible future problems. Creating tools to work seamlessly between Maya, Max, Cinema and After Effects. Supervision of robots animation by subcontract studios and on board integration and arrangements in the ship in Germany and England.

Animation and supervision for MILO camera robot for different shoots where Roboscreens rotation and filmed content works together for a 3D effect. Creation of Thinking Particles tools to invert in realtime the robot screen to create the corrected motion for MILO camera, taking in account limitations for both, roboscreens from ABB robotics and MILO limitations with realtime feedback, possibility to create MILO animations on set in minutes.

Particles and Fx creation for Dance in a Box, robots animations for 3 different Robot shows, and visual effects creation for diferent Two70´s animations and Starwater Show.