I created Mera water “snakes” on multiple shots when she comes out of water, and when she fights some bad guys. I used multiple tools depending the shot, some of them using Thinking Particles creating dynamics APF, some others using Realflow, and some others a combinations of pure 3dsmax combined with Stoke for bubbles.

I also worked on a procedural tool system to simulated thousands of trees on the tsunami sequence, taking care of trees interaction with water and multiple debris system in multiple shots. This has been a combination of Thinking Particles reading and classificating trees and bushes automatically by name on low res assets. Procedural animation based on distance to a dynamic wave done in Flowline, then export this as point clouds, and use Magmaflow and Frost to distribute hires Trees and bushes I previously animated using SpeedTree. In magmaflow I drive the animation cache based on wave distance. One of the biggest challenge was to keep the scene ram usage below 64Gb of ram( over 25 different trees and bushes), thing I accomplish with the help of Frost Instancing and vray.

I also worked on the ship being destroyed on the tsunami sequence, car destruction, ground destruction, and creating trees/debris animated advected by FumeFx for the underwater sequence.