On this video we wills see multiple and random tips & tricks in 3ds max, to work faster and smarter, and share some techniques I use time to time. http://www.effectivetds.com/forum Visit the forum to ask any Technical question in any software.

00:00 Introduction

00:22 Show procedural materials correctly on viewport.

02:04 Detach by element all elements.

03:01 Detach by element procedurally using MCG.

06:21 Create a wall with topology tool.

08:02 Create camera from viewport.

09:15 Work smarter, keep your stack procedural.

11:54 Switch objects proceduraly, keeping your stack.

12:54 Modifiers access.

13:59 Procedural animation and flex.

17:30 Effectivetds the best portal for FX!