Talking at Siggraph 2019

I have been invited by Autodesk and the 3dsmax team to give a talk during Siggraph 2019 on LA. During the “Autodesk Vision Series” I will be talk about all the news in 3ds Max, how we use 3dstudio max in ScanlineVFX to create amazing shots, and tools we have […]

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3D Artist Interview

I did an interview with 3d artist magazine 111 about my career, I talk about my passions, how I started on 3d, my studies, my past jobs and what Im doing exactly at Scanline. Some day to day work, some recent shoots explanations in Power Rangers and in Guardians of […]

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FX Insider Interview

Recently I did an Interview for the FX Insider website, talking about my vfx career, tools used (mainly Thinking Particles) and how I used in some of the recent shoots I work on Batman v Superman, Miss peregrine and the new Independence Day Insurgence. Normally you need to be a […]

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