Since I received a lot of requests for thinking particles resources, this is a post to collect all the training and info available for thinking particles on the web, free or by payment, if you know some other sources please write a coment below.

Free resources

Effectivetds   Together with Goran Pavles we created a portal dedicated to FX in general. You will found a lot of useful Tools, a lot of them for ThinkingParticles, also Courses, and a Forum with a growing TP community.

TP4 for production    Joe Scarr TP master together with Goran Pavles  presents a DVD with more than 27 hours of information for 50$ Now free! on his vimeo channel. This tutorials are more for an intermediate/advanced user, covering a lot of tips and tricks for production and mathematics basics. This is the most complete and advanced guide to tp you will found online for free.

TP Mayhem  Joe Scarr collected multiple problems/solutions, blackboxes and knowhow over the years, collected on this site. This is a gold mine!

Joe Gunn Joe Gunn has multiple tutorials on his Vimeo channel covering new TP6 operators.

Cebas tutorials  You will found here a bunch of tutorials, most of them its Joe Scarr explaing each node. But you will found some “how to do” some cool effects.

Hristo Velev  Hristo Velev is sharing a lot of techniques on his blog and youtube. You will found free videotutorials, tools, and blackboxes.

Mihai Panait  Mihai Panait has some cool and easy to follow tutorials on his youtube channel.

Im your friend   Will wallace has a bunch of long and good tutorials from intermediate to advanced with a lot of good tricks.

Rui Romano  Has a collection of TP video tutorials on his vimeo channel.

Allan mckay   Explanation of volumebraker

Philip J.Fry (or rman197)  Philip has big knowledge on mathematics and physics, he shares diferent tutorials and TP setups, you can learn russian at the same time,:)   (video tutorials are easy to follow).

Andrew Melnychuk-Oseen   Andrew has multiple TP tutorials and blackboxes on his blog, big knowledge on mathematics and trigonometry.

Michał Maciejewski  Multiples R&D and some TP tutorials and blackboxes.

Hammer Chen   Diferent tutorials about TP in chinese.

Take Imazu   This Japan artist has multiple tutorials on his blog (in japanese).

Igou    Lots of cool tutorials on his webpage (some in japanese).

Kei Yoneoka  A japan artist sharing a lot of blackboxes and great tips and tricks (in japanese).

Fabian  Diferent R&D with TP on Fabian vimeo profile, sharing diferent blackboxes.

Alex Lombardi  Alex has diferent TPscripts on his webpage to make your life easier. Also created the TP group on vimeo, a collection of all TP works on vimeo comunity.

Michael Stark  Michael has a lot of R&D on his vimeo with TP. Interesting information on coments.

Jacys Lin  Diferent and crazy R&D with TP on his vimeo profile.

Toufik Mekbel  Toufik has amazing R&D works on his vimeo channel.  Sharing some TP techniques, also a big understanding on pflow where you can found good ideas to apply on TP.

Greyscalegorilla  Chris Schmidt guides us on this tutorials for Thinking Particles and cinema 4d. The basics between TP for cinema and 3dsmax are exactly the same so its not so dificult to follow and learn.

Vfx Arabia Multiple tutorials and tools for free.

Hernan Llano  Hernan has a TP tutorial on his webpage covering volumebreak  in spanish.

Andvfx  You know me,  Diferent tutorials and TP tools. Subscrive to my YOUTUBE, Check my playlist, I have one with all my free tutorials in English and one for all my free tutorials in Spanish.

Payment tutorials:

EffectiveTDs  We have some free and paid Tutorials covering multiple TP courses.

Eat 3d TP intro1
Eat 3d TP intro2    The best two dvds to start on TP, from TP guru Hristo Velev. Easy and fun to follow from the beginning, in total more than 16 hours of training, 60$ each one.

Digital tutors   Haji Gadirov shares some techniques for destruction on digital tutors under subscription.

Volatile   Anselm Von Seherr is the reference to follow for Pflow, but he is an habitual user of TP too, check this tutorial for just 18$

Production Fx   Veteran vfx artist Allan mckay  realease this dvd with 8 hours of TP material, fumefx and production workflow for 59$

HouseFx  Will Wallace add together in a single package more than 10 hours of training mastering TP destruction and all the workflow involved in a real production. Also explains preshot planning, fumefx, rendering and Nuke compositing, from 89 to 129$.


Effective TDs Im here all the time as well multiple profesionals on the CG industry.

Facebook Cebas  Oficial Cebas technologies facebook webpage.

Facebook TP  Unoficial Thinkingparticles facebook webpage.

Facbook TP Spanish.  Unoficial facebook page for spanish speakers

CGsociety Forum for Thinking Particles.

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