Is 3ds max the industry Standard in VFX? It depends. I contact my friends in over 10 different studios around the world where they use 3ds max in his pipeline in one or multiple departments.

We will see how each company use 3ds max, in what they are working on, while I will try to give some general information about the company.

10 Hocus Pocus:

9 Bottleship:

8 Makuta:

7 UNIT image:

6 RealtimeUK:

5 EncoreVFX:

4 FuseFX:

3 Blur:

2 ScanlineVFX:

1 ILM:

The 1 to 10 list doesnt mean really anything, this is youtube, and people like lists. I ordered them mostly based on popularity/time in the industry. For my personal view, ScanlineVFX we are actually the best company all around, really proud to all the amazing team I have the luck to work with. If ILM its on the top of the list, its simply because is a way older company, public know them very well, and they advance and contribute a lot on the vfx industry and they have all my respect for that.

Thanks to all artists, friends and CEOs from different studios they give me all information to be able to share the love. All videos featured are proprietary of each VFX House showcased. I will like to know about you! Do you work on any of this companies? Do you have any particular favorite company?