I was invited by Autodesk to do some talks about whats coming next in to 3dsmax and Bifrost.

You can see the presentation I did for Bifrost here:

As well I showcased some tools we have at www.effectivetds.com I had a lot of fun meeting friends and new people, and showcasing some exciting news. We see this year how RTX is taking over with multiple software solutions. Lavina from ChaosGroups, Omniverse from Nvidia as a USD tool to unify and help expand RTX. I forget to mention SideFX presented as well Solaris, his USD solution.

Autodesk announced they are working on USD for 3dsmax, so looks USD is the next big deal. Autodesk embracing other Open Source formats as MaterialX, they annunced as well Arnold 5.4 bringing support for moaterialX, and more GPU support like OSL. We saw a lot of RTX laptops from all manufacturers. A lot motioncapture tools as well. Not to forget Blender showcasing his 2.8 version of the software already out.