Article with lots of links and descriptions to choose in 2019 the best laptop for 3d:…

Im getting a lot of people asking me for what to check when you are looking for a laptop to work in 3d. During my more than 15 years working in 3d in different sectors (movies, mappings, archviz, architect,…) I had over 7 different laptops, and it takes some time to choose between all the possibilities and brands we have. So I add together what Im looking when I consider to buy a new laptop,: Keyboard, screen, cpu, gpu, ram, ports (I forget its important to have an hdmi!), build quality, etc…)

I hope you can found this interesting! Thanks to my girldfriend Anais for helping me filming some videos for this presentation!

My actual laptop is an MSI, 15.6 inches, GP62-6QF, i7 6700HQ, GTX 960M, 128Gb SSD, 1Tb hard drive, I updated to 32Gb of ram. I bought this second hand (You can see on the video the Chinese characters on the keyboard) for a good price, and so far has been great, rendering, siming (even for long periods of time).

Thanks! Help me to keep up with my videos!