We have a new 3ds Max 2022! Its just 3 months after the latest update (2021.3). On this video I will cover all the news we had in 3ds Max during last year (2022, 2021.3, 2021.2,2021.1). 3ds Max had a turboboost in multiple areas, but I will say this year the biggests ones has been around modeling. SmartExtrude sets a new precedent in to poly modeling. For the first time ever we have extrusions inwards, with automatic bridging in a poly modeling application. Modifiers like symmetry, Slice, relax, extrude, and smooth has been multithread and improved, with speed improvements that goes from 1.5X to 3000X, huge gains more visible on cpus with more cores and big poly counts. (The tests described here are done with an 8 core machine, cpus with more cores will create even bigger gains.). Then add the work done on retopology, meshcleaner, subdivide, new selection metodes, options to define pixel selection, pathdeform, and we got a very solid modeling updates. But we didnt had only improvements on modeling. We get a huge facelift on viewport quality, new OSL maps, lots of improvements on Bake to texture. Big updates in Arnold, including Arnold Render view, a total new framebuffer in 3dsmax, support for tyflow, multiple performance enhancements, new PBR materials, import PBR tool, new security tools, improvements on maxscript, more python 3 support, and way more!