We have a new 3dsmax, and here we present all changes during last year until 2020 presentation.

Focus has been on speed, now 3dsmax uses validity intervals that will speed up to 500% your rigs. Collapse utility its exponentially faster as well, we experience up to 200X faster speeds (from hours to under a minute). Make preview has been redone.

You will experience up to 3X faster previews comparing with 2019. Make preview size is not any more limited to viewport resolution, .avi and .other formats has been updated, different ways to overly data from 3dsmax in to the preview using maxscript, a quality toolbar, and other improvements.

On modelling the news are a total redone Chamfer modifier, has been heavily tested, new weighting for chamfers, different chamfers styles, presets, possibility to use creasets to define the chamfer size, insets and more. Lots of work has been done on OSL. There is a new HLSL conversion for way faster feedback, a % shows how accurate is the life conversion. Over 30 new maps has been added, like tritone, colorkey, weave, conversion colors, a simpletile, and a big list.

ActiveShade on viewport allows artist to see the final render directly on viewport, with option to overly any helper or spline. Liquids had a new liquids loader to be able to transform offset your caches. Alembic has been greatly improved, faster, allowing instancing, saving layers names and Custom attributes per object and more. Multiple news in Arnold renderer, and maxscrpt as well.

You have the complete list at the end of the video, has been a good year, and there is much more great things to come!

My microphone used: https://amzn.to/2EuAope This video has been done on a older version than this: https://amzn.to/2VASKMm (I had a 6700hq cpu and a gtx960M graphic card, so this listed should run this scene 40% faster.