Demolition Master is your 3dsmax tool for create incredible explosions and destructions.


-Concave or convex objects supported, not more explosive simulations as with rayfire!

-Total control over destruction behaviour.

-Based totally on a particle system (Thinking Particles). Create procedural geometry from any 3d surface. This geometry can be breaked, can break other objects, and have dynamics.

-It’s very quick to setup, use prefragged geometry or create interactive fragmentation based on impact point.

-Use multiple materials with different properties: Glass, wood, concrete, steel, deflectors.

-Debries already created. Just activate or deactivate them for different materials and situations: Impact debries, trail debries, splash debries, for wood, concrete or glass.

-FumeFx particles created on the fly.

 Watch a video comparing rayfire dynamics with Demolition Master:

Download Demolition Master here