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I have been TP betatester for a long time, suggesting improvements and new features.

This time also I decided to do a video presentation to try to attract more people to Thinking Particles. I work on the editing and on some features presentation.

Big thanks to all TP Betatesters, and to developers, is a huge update.

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I work with the amazing team at Scanline on my first movie, a really good experience with an amazing group of people. I was in charge for tools development, fairies, rigid bodies simulations, and others.

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Royal Caribbean

I worked with Moment Factory on Royal Caribbean International’s newest ship Quantum of the Seas. Working in Two70´s Vistarama, Roboscreens and Starwater show.  My main task was Robots animation Research and Development and coordination, creating tools to work seamesly between Maya, Max, Cinema and After Effects. Supervision of robots animation by subcontract studios and on board integration and arrangements. Animation and supervision for MILO camera robot for diferent shoots where Roboscreens rotation and filmed content works together for a 3D effect. Creation of Thinking Particles tools to invert in realtime the robot screen to create the corrected motion for MILO camera, taking in acount limitations for both, roboscreens from ABB robotics and MILO limitations with realtime feedback, possibility to create MILO animations on set in minutes.

Particles and Fx creation for Dance in a Box, and visual effects creation for diferent Two70´s animations and Starwater Show.

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I was asked by director Miguel de Olaso “Mcgregor” to create the final sequence for his sci-fi  shortfilm. A big explosion, from an animated/deformable rigid body. I created a procedural destruction system with a custom Thinking Particles tool, sparks, debries, and smoke passes.  Anselm Von Seherr Toss created a cloth explosion that interact with the main RB simulation.  The short film is now playing on selected film festival all over the world, I will publish the final short film when will be available.

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Radius Effector 2

Radius Effector 2 is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to animate thousands of objects in a fast way without keys. I created this tool to improve the workflow working with thousand of objects, creating a simple tool but at the same time flexible and powerfull. Check the download page to see more details.

Diferent artist collaborate on this video showreel. I created the videos for mappings on “superbowl ny”, “Atlantic city”, “vancouver”, “Barcelona”, “London Ontario”, and some of the new features videos.

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Uplift (Vancouver)

Uplift was my first project when I arrived in Moment Factory.

Soaring Attractions asked Moment Factory to create an original preshow to be presented right before the new FlyOver Canada experience at Canada Place in Vancouver. Uplift is a celebration of Canada’s landscape and its people in an inmersive 360 degree show. We combine in the show  surround sound, custom high definition multi-screen video projection, video mapping, computer animation and unique lighting installations, all deployed in a custom-built architectural environment.

I was in charge for all 3d transition effects, 3d template, looking for a good workflow to integrate all the video edition in 3d in a flexible way (explained here) and in charge for all 3d sequences: I created the preshow sequence, the 360 degree  ice crumble sequence using my tool Demolition Master, the first sequence with a parkour guy revealing the city, the diferent 3d wall movements during the show, transitions and diferent particle effects.

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