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Radius Effector 2

Radius Effector 2 is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to animate thousands of objects in a fast way without keys. I created this tool to improve the workflow working with thousand of objects, creating a simple tool but at the same time flexible and powerfull. Check the download page to see more details.

Diferent artist collaborate on this video showreel. I created the videos for mappings on “superbowl ny”, “Atlantic city”, “vancouver”, “Barcelona”, “London Ontario”, and some of the new features videos.

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Map Transfer2 portada

Map Transfer

Map Transfer is a tool for 3dsmax and Thinking Particles I created to accelerate the process to animate multiple objects or faces using procedural maps and/or bitmap files. Is possible to use the uvs from the actual object or an external object. Very useful for mappings, vj’s videos, and diferent effects.

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