Independence Day: Resurgence

Very happy to work on this one, when I saw the original movie, I was amazed that something like that was possible. 20 years later, working on the second one!  I had a lot of fun working on diferent shots for the movie, mostly rigid body destruction (there are a lot of it!), and some smoke simulations.

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I work with the amazing team at Scanline on my first movie, a really good experience with an amazing group of people. I was in charge for tools development, fairies, rigid bodies simulations, and others.

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I was asked by director Miguel de Olaso “Mcgregor” to create the final sequence for his sci-fi  shortfilm. A big explosion, from an animated/deformable rigid body. I created a procedural destruction system with a custom Thinking Particles tool, sparks, debries, and smoke passes.  Anselm Von Seherr Toss created a cloth explosion that interact with the main RB simulation.  The short film is now playing on selected film festival all over the world, I will publish the final short film when will be available.

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