Game of Thrones

I was a big fan of the first Game of Thrones books (until the 4th book, that I found it a little boring), and a fan of the TV series, so Im very happy to be working on the final Season of Game of thrones, doing some kickass shots.

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DreamWorks Theatre Featuring “Kung Fu Panda:  The Emperor’s Quest”

Universal Studios-Hollywood-Kung Fu Panda

I pass a lot of time without doing mappings. So when my friends at Moment Factory approach me to take care of the final scene on the new inmersive attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood I was very happy.

I take care to supervise the modeling and create all destruction work  on a 270  degrees projection mapping, showcasing Kung Fu Panda called “The emperors Quest”, 26K resolution and 60fps, on a very fast but impressive destruction to create this “wow” moment.

Always happy to do mappings, and more when is with the awesome people at Moment Factory.

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I work on Aquaman, mostly on the tsunami scene, creating all Trees/foliage/debris destruction with the wave, as well the ship destruction impacting the road, and road destruction.

Also work on Mera magic water effect, and different effects on other shots.

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Tomb Raider

New movie! Tomb Raider. Working on the rusty plane destruction, boat destruction and other scenes. At the same time Im playing the very good Tomb Raider 20 anniversary on ps4, so good!


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This project was really fun. We worked only on a single shot, helping Weta on the Destruction (The shot just before “Rampage” title, where George  deattach a part of a building and charge over another buildig). Was fast, less than 2 weeks, working with constant changes on modelling, I worked on the building deatached, and also the remaining of the building, trees simulations, and when George smash a tree planter. Happy to work with the incredible team at Scanline that make possible to deliver this in so little time.

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Suicide Squad

I only work on two shoots on this one, but they are there! Some papers flying around when Flash appear on the movie.

Funny think about this one, I discover my shoot on the movie when I was on an airplane looking it, I was thinking shoots I worked on was only for a private comiccon trailer.

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Power Rangers

Fun project to work on! I create a tool used across multiple artists to deform/break asphalt, used myself in multiple shots,  Multiple  Dust and dirt fluid simulations, Ground Explosions, building crumbling, and a Heroshot involving multiple Physics engines, Fluid and Dust where all CG elements were generated by myself.

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