This project was really fun. We worked only on a single shot, helping Weta on the Destruction (The shot just before “Rampage” title, where George  deattach a part of a building and charge over another buildig). Was fast, less than 2 weeks, working with constant changes on modelling, I worked on the building deatached, and also the remaining of the building, trees simulations, and when George smash a tree planter. Happy to work with the incredible team at Scanline that make possible to deliver this in so little time.

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Suicide Squad

I only work on two shoots on this one, but they are there! Some papers flying around when Flash appear on the movie.

Funny think about this one, I discover my shoot on the movie when I was on an airplane looking it, I was thinking shoots I worked on was only for a private comiccon trailer.

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Power Rangers

Fun project to work on! I create a tool used across multiple artists to deform/break asphalt, used myself in multiple shots,  Multiple  Dust and dirt fluid simulations, Ground Explosions, building crumbling, and a Heroshot involving multiple Physics engines, Fluid and Dust where all CG elements were generated by myself.

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Independence Day: Resurgence

Very happy to work on this one, when I saw the original movie, I was amazed that something like that was possible. 20 years later, working on the second one!  I had a lot of fun working on diferent shots for the movie, mostly rigid body destruction (there are a lot of it!), and some smoke simulations.

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I work with the amazing team at Scanline on my first movie, a really good experience with an amazing group of people. I was in charge for tools development, fairies, rigid bodies simulations, and others.

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