Map Transfer2 portada

Map Transfer

Map Transfer is a tool for 3dsmax and Thinking Particles I created to accelerate the process to animate multiple objects or faces using procedural maps and/or bitmap files. Is possible to use the uvs from the actual object or an external object. Very useful for mappings, vj’s videos, and diferent effects.

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Boardwalk Beat

Mapping done in Moment Factory for Atlantic City Alliance. I was responsable for animation of 2 timemachines, fire elements and glass destruction in FumeFx for Rock scene, sand castle disolution, all 3d transitions in the show and the final ending.

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Tree of Light

I worked in Moment Factory on Tree of Light, a mapping performance on London (Ontario) for World Figure Skating Championships.

I was responsible for diferent 3d transitions:


00:25  Panels rotations with TP

00:30 Crumble with TP and my tool “Radius Effector”

00:59 Big rotation with standard 3dsmax tools.

1:17 Cloth falling, with standard 3dsmax cloth


We use a lot the uv mapping technique explained here so we can make adjustments on timing after the 3d is done without rerendering it.

It was a big teamwork, incredible people makes  a huge different in  Moment Factory.


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Rooms transitions

I design this 2 rooms based on clients request (a house for an old woman but with some interests to be up to date). The images are for an interior mapping, an some elements on the image are distorted to match the 3d elements but camera corrected for a good 3d experience.

I create also the animation for  in and out rooms with my tool “Radius Effector“, that makes deconstruction proces very easy, still image done in vray and baked textures for a fast render animation in scanline.

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le gran macabre

Le Grand Macabre

Le Grand Macabre directed by Alex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus) & Valentina Carrasco, and video by Franc Aleu.

My job was the warping and reconstruction of 3d parts for “El teatro Colón” (Buenos Aires), and “El Liceu” (Barcelona) representations during 2011. Done with my parner Guillermo Patiño.

It was challenging because we have 4 days for the reconstruction of all scenes, working inside theater with few hours for testing animations, and also the warping has to be sincronized with real rotation of scenography.

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Parlament de Catalunya

Mapping done by Urano Films. Projected on 10 of September 2012, during the institucional restauration of new emblem on “El Parlament”

I worked as a Freelance, my job was mapping warping, modelling, texturing, lighting, composition and dynamics for reconstruction part of the mapping. Done with my Thinking Particles tool Demolition Master.

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llac cignes

Mapping “El llac dels Cignes”

Mapping on Parc de la Ciutadella fountain during the “Swan Lake” performance in the programming of the Mercè’11 Festival in Barcelona. Directed by Franc Aleu and produced by Urano. My job was modelling, texturing, vfx, dynamics and postproduction of last 3.00 minutes show. A growing vine over fountain, leaves falls down, bolts appears, burning some areas, bats simulation, Fall down simulation, and final ending. Also I helped on other sequences of mapping.

You can see the oficial show video here.

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I moved to Munich to create some visuals for Turandot Opera, on Munich National theater. Musical direction by Zubin Metha, scenic direction by Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus), Scenography by Roland Obeter, costume design by Chu Uroz and video direction by Franc Aleu.

My shots was:

-1:15 bong visualization. -1:22 Heads moving and creating diferent shapes. -2:37 More heads moving -3:12 Flying candles -4:03 Rings moving. -4:09 Trhee diferent destructions for frontal and retro projection. Done it in two days, modeling, dynamics, rendering and composition. -4:55 Composition done by Guillermo Patiño. I created disolving effect with pflow and krakatoa.

And some other scenes not appearing on this video.

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Mapping “El masnou”

I did the 3d and vfx for a mapping on “El masnou” during “Sant Pere” Festival. I used a lot my tools Radius Effector and Demolition Master. Jordi Pont did the technich part with projectors and some postproduction and Ivan Pastor the music.

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