Royal Caribbean

I worked with Moment Factory on Royal Caribbean International’s newest ship Quantum of the Seas. Working in Two70´s Vistarama, Roboscreens and Starwater show.  My main task was Robots animation Research and Development and coordination, creating tools to work seamesly between Maya, Max, Cinema and After Effects. Supervision of robots animation by subcontract studios and on board integration and arrangements. Animation and supervision for MILO camera robot for diferent shoots where Roboscreens rotation and filmed content works together for a 3D effect. Creation of Thinking Particles tools to invert in realtime the robot screen to create the corrected motion for MILO camera, taking in acount limitations for both, roboscreens from ABB robotics and MILO limitations with realtime feedback, possibility to create MILO animations on set in minutes.

Particles and Fx creation for Dance in a Box, and visual effects creation for diferent Two70´s animations and Starwater Show.

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radius_effector_2_1280x720 (0-00-36-29)

Radius Effector 2

Radius Effector 2 is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to animate thousands of objects in a fast way without keys. I created this tool to improve the workflow working with thousand of objects, creating a simple tool but at the same time flexible and powerfull. Check the download page to see more details.

Diferent artist collaborate on this video showreel. I created the videos for mappings on “superbowl ny”, “Atlantic city”, “vancouver”, “Barcelona”, “London Ontario”, and some of the new features videos.

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Uplift (Vancouver)

Uplift was my first project when I arrived in Moment Factory.

Soaring Attractions asked Moment Factory to create an original preshow to be presented right before the new FlyOver Canada experience at Canada Place in Vancouver. Uplift is a celebration of Canada’s landscape and its people in an inmersive 360 degree show. We combine in the show  surround sound, custom high definition multi-screen video projection, video mapping, computer animation and unique lighting installations, all deployed in a custom-built architectural environment.

I was in charge for all 3d transition effects, 3d template, looking for a good workflow to integrate all the video edition in 3d in a flexible way (explained here) and in charge for all 3d sequences: I created the preshow sequence, the 360 degree  ice crumble sequence using my tool Demolition Master, the first sequence with a parkour guy revealing the city, the diferent 3d wall movements during the show, transitions and diferent particle effects.

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Oakley – Disruptive by design

Oakley commissioned Moment Factory to design and produce a multimedia environment for the launch of its new Disruptive By Design campaign. This major event celebrated the company’s legacy and culture of disruption while pointing the way to its innovative future. Working with several different spaces in Studio Red in Los Angeles, Moment Factory delivered an immersive interactive experience touching on the brand’s history, values, design and innovations.

I was in charge to produce all the 3d content for a 270 degrees mapping show, creation of a workflow to render from one camera all the content for diferent screens maintaining a coherent perspective. 3d modelling, tank rigging, animation, Thinking particles setup using my tool Demolition Master for tank destruction, lighting and rendering

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oakley ny

Oakley Store, NYC

Oakley mandated Moment Factory to create a permanent installation for their new flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City. In response to the new “Disruptive by Design” brand direction, the multimedia studio created a living, breathing installation, embodying the renegade spirit of Oakley’s design ethos.

I worked on “architecture” capsule, I did a more technical work.  We need to render 18.000 frames, the original animation was done in mentalray, with up to 45 minutes per frame. I moved the animation to vray reducing rendering time to 3 minutes per frame and maintaining the original look.

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NFL – SuperBowl 2014 – NewYork

Moment Factory was approached by the NFL and world-renowned event organizers PPW to create Super Bowl Virtual Theater, a spectacular multimedia show projected on the outdoor façade of Macy’s Herald Square in New York, on the evenings leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Located in the heart of New York City, this projection mapping show is a main attraction of “Super Bowl Boulevard”, a series of football-themed events spanning thirteen-blocks along Broadway, from 34th to 47th Street. For four nights, the eight-minute show is projected multiple times on the iconic Macy’s storefront, a surface of 3390 square feet. NFL fans are treated to a stunning mix of 2D and 3D animation effects mixed with a plethora of archival NFL footage ranging from 8 millimeter to digital.

I was in charge of 3d building modeling from LIDAR scans and photos references, a crumble done in Thinking Particles (last minute cancelled), the 3d ice formation, opening and tunel (using my tools Demolition Master and Map Transfer), ball desintegration, and the final gatorade splash simulated …

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AC dreamin

AC Dreamin

New show for Atlantic City Alliance by Moment Factory.  I was in charge for near all 3d parts on the show: Hotel 3d modelling, all 3d transitions, crumble underwater, waterfall, 3d elements for park scene, 3d elements for lighthouse scene, 3d flowers and even butterflies for ending show! Also some particles in After effects and some composition.

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

My latest work in Moment Factory was for the New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Moment Factory creates 4 hours of digital content, , as well as multiple interactive capsules. My principal work was on design and production for Time Tower “Kinetic Skin” layer.

Kinetic skin is composed by thousand of individual pieces that move in diferent ways creating animations and forms playing with rotations and shadows. On designing face I create multiple Thinking Particle tools that help me move procedurally this pieces using gradient maps, distance to objects and other activation metodes (Map transfer idea comes after see how useful this tools can be).

I animate “Kinetic Skin” capsule, a 4 minutes animation  where the kinetic skin is the principal element, an evolving animation where diferent forms are evolving playing with displacement and rotation. Also I create kinetic skin transitions for other parts of Time Tower. All animations were exported and final rendered by ObliqueFx.

Other jobs I was involved on LAX project was “Outher Structure” animations, …

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