oakley ny

Oakley Store, NYC

Oakley mandated Moment Factory to create a permanent installation for their new flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City. In response to the new “Disruptive by Design” brand direction, the multimedia studio created a living, breathing installation, embodying the renegade spirit of Oakley’s design ethos.

I worked on “architecture” capsule, I did a more technical work.  We need to render 18.000 frames, the original animation was done in mentalray, with up to 45 minutes per frame. I moved the animation to vray reducing rendering time to 3 minutes per frame and maintaining the original look.

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

My latest work in Moment Factory was for the New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Moment Factory creates 4 hours of digital content, , as well as multiple interactive capsules. My principal work was on design and production for Time Tower “Kinetic Skin” layer.

Kinetic skin is composed by thousand of individual pieces that move in diferent ways creating animations and forms playing with rotations and shadows. On designing face I create multiple Thinking Particle tools that help me move procedurally this pieces using gradient maps, distance to objects and other activation metodes (Map transfer idea comes after see how useful this tools can be).

I animate “Kinetic Skin” capsule, a 4 minutes animation  where the kinetic skin is the principal element, an evolving animation where diferent forms are evolving playing with displacement and rotation. Also I create kinetic skin transitions for other parts of Time Tower. All animations were exported and final rendered by ObliqueFx.

Other jobs I was involved on LAX project was “Outher Structure” animations, …

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Rooms transitions

I design this 2 rooms based on clients request (a house for an old woman but with some interests to be up to date). The images are for an interior mapping, an some elements on the image are distorted to match the 3d elements but camera corrected for a good 3d experience.

I create also the animation for  in and out rooms with my tool “Radius Effector“, that makes deconstruction proces very easy, still image done in vray and baked textures for a fast render animation in scanline.

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