Tutorial bullet physics Intro

This is a tutorial covering the basics of layertwoparticle and bullet physics in spanish. En este tutorial vamos a ver como funciona el layer to particle, y veremos como seteamos una escena para que automaticamente todos los objetos que añadimos en 3dstudio max se convierten en objetos fisicos y reaccionen entre ellos, explico tambien los principios de bullet physics.

Scene file here / Aqui teneis los archivos de este ejercicio :  Download

For more information, tips and tricks about bullet physics you have this post/ Para mas informacion, consejos y trucos, aqui teneis un post que entra mas en detalle. Bullet physics


Also I create a introduction tutorial to Fluids in tp covering all the basics in spanish. Tambien hay un segundo tutorial con los principios basicos de fluidos para todos aquellos que no tengais ni idea de Tp:


Aqui teneis los archivos de este tutorial/ here you have the files of this tutorial. Download


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TP Game of life

I discovered recently the Conway-s Game of Life, a celullar automaton created by matemathician John Horton Conway during 1970 to recreate natural celullar behaviours. You can found full information about it

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TP Non linear random selection over time

Hi! here again with more R&D. I always wanted more control about group change over time in TP, so I decided to test it. My goal was to do a random group change (the typical workflow, a random value per particle and per call from 0 to 100, and after a treshold passing particles to the new group if the random value is less than 10 for example) but with manual control about the probability a particle change from group.

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TP bush dynamics

Some R&D using DM Lite for bark movement and some aditional nodes for leaf creation. The cool thing is that everything is procedural with feedback in realtime (with leaf visible its a little slower). It uses DM Lite 1.6 with the new procedural system to create some flex movement on bark and react to bullets. You can follow this videotutorial for a bark animation using my free tool DM Lite:

You can download the complete setup with DM Lite setup and leaves detaching here:

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TP Tutorial: Animate geometry using lights

Everything started on this tutorial about creating temperature in TP. Creating a data channel where new information is writed over time depending on the distance to an object to create a temperature system. Last week I create an animation with a fan where this data channel was used to control deformed geometry depending on the proximity to a null object.

I was thinking that instead of using a node I can try with lighting information. In TP we have the “Light” node that give information about how many light intensity is receiving every particle. We can use one or multiple lights and also we have a lot of control changing diferents fallof light properties.  Changing to this system we have more control and also the TP system is much more simplier than before.  So here is a little description to archieve this effect.

Every flower is animated depending the light received over time. So if one flower receive illumination will grow, but when …

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