A lot of things happening lately!

Together with Goran Pavles we create  a British Columbian company focusing on tools and training for high end FX.

Also I have been collaborating with Sebastian Schafer, an excoworker and friend, in launching a complete granular solver for windows, Storm. Pretty amazing tool, you will see some tutorials very soon. I did the video and some renders, with the help of Paul Fuller.

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TP Balls falling

Some times 3d is only for fun. Here I did this video, inspired on a facebook video I saw.

Done in TP, and rendered in Arnold. The basics are the same as this ones:  Only difference is that now we apply the material to spheres and not to implicit shape.

I used materials, you should be able to use vertex color for simplier TP setup. Only remember to enable on Arnold compatibility with 3dsmax shaders.

You can download the scenes here:  Max (2016 and 2018, and TP).


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Fluids controlled by audio in realtime

More experiments with max. Now using audio controlled in real time to control fluids in TP. Works great! I wish audio controller had more options like being able to track different frequencies, etc… But well connection with TP is great.

You can download the scene and experiment yourself.


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Fluids inside 3dsmax!

We have finally fluids incorporated in 3dsmax with the new release 208.3!  They are called “Fluids”, its basically bifrost, or what before was called Naiad. I joined 3dsmax as a betatester, and I play with this for some time now. And Im quite excited. Easy and clean interface, fast to setup, new Motion Field force, that works not only with fluids but with any mesh or particle system (yes, also with TP!) And is a joy to use. Also the direct PRT export is great. Here some videos I did:


You can download this 3dsmax and tp files here:


Other videos I did experimenting with fluids:

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TP muffins

Long time without posting anything! Moved from montreal to vancouver 9 month ago, a lot of work and nice mountains keep me distracted.

This is something I did for the SP2 beta in TP6, I wanted to use the new smoke solver along other stuff like the snapshoot tool since I didnt see so much people showing what can do. The idea was to do procedural modelling in a physical way inside tp, so if I keep max playing TP will model for me an infinite number of muffins everyone diferent from the other. This is just a concept with fast sim times so you will see errors here and there but shows what you can do.  Description of the proces:

-Mass falls in the container, is an sph simulation.

-When is close to the fire, sph radius starts increasing, creating the baking powder effect.

-When the muffin is big enough I create a snapshoot of the muffin, this converts the implicit shape and multiple particles that creates the muffin in a single static mesh and particle, saving a lot …

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