Fluids inside 3dsmax!

We have finally fluids incorporated in 3dsmax with the new release 208.3!  They are called “Fluids”, its basically bifrost, or what before was called Naiad. I joined 3dsmax as a betatester, and I play with this for some time now. And Im quite excited. Easy and clean interface, fast to setup, new Motion Field force, that works not only with fluids but with any mesh or particle system (yes, also with TP!) And is a joy to use. Also the direct PRT export is great. Here some videos I did:


You can download this 3dsmax and tp files here:  https://www.effectivetds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=350


Other videos I did experimenting with fluids:




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3d Artist interview

I did an interview with 3d artist magazine 111 about my career, I talk about my passions, how I started on 3d, my studies, my past jobs and what Im doing exactly at Scanline. Some day to day work, some recent shoots explanations in Power Rangers and in Guradians of the Galaxy 2, and also my relation with Cebas and what I do when betatesting the program. Its a interview in 2 pages! you can get the magazine booth digital and printed!Thanks to Cedar and Carrie to make this possible.


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Demolition Master and TP5

From some time Demolition Master is ready. You can download it here. 

In less than a months is used all over the world by important studios, and a lot of people say the same: It’s an incredible solution over Rayfire or together with Rayfire for demolish things.

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New mapping and new assistant

I’m starting a new mapping in “el masnou” Catalonia. I will show more information soon. Here two images of a very early stage I did with my tool in Thinking particles.

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