TP muffins

Long time without posting anything! Moved from montreal to vancouver 9 month ago, a lot of work and nice mountains keep me distracted.

This is something I did for the SP2 beta in TP6, I wanted to use the new smoke solver along other stuff like the snapshoot tool since I didnt see so much people showing what can do. The idea was to do procedural modelling in a physical way inside tp, so if I keep max playing TP will model for me an infinite number of muffins everyone diferent from the other. This is just a concept with fast sim times so you will see errors here and there but shows what you can do.  Description of the proces:

-Mass falls in the container, is an sph simulation.

-When is close to the fire, sph radius starts increasing, creating the baking powder effect.

-When the muffin is big enough I create a snapshoot of the muffin, this converts the implicit shape and multiple particles that creates the muffin in a single static mesh and particle, saving a lot …

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