TP Bullet Vehicle

I did long time ago (4 years!) this video:


Using the  (back then) new Bullet vehicle. Lots of people ask me for a tutorial, so here it is, a tutorial about how BTVehicle work in Thinking Particles.

You can download the file here:




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Fluids controlled by audio in realtime

More experiments with max. Now using audio controlled in real time to control fluids in TP. Works great! I wish audio controller had more options like being able to track different frequencies, etc… But well connection with TP is great.

You can download the scene and experiment yourself.


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Curso introduccion a Thinking Particles en español

Por la falta de contenido para Thinking Particles, he creado un curso completo en

Mas de 20 tutoriales, 9 horas de contenido didactico. 1Gb en escenas en 3dsmax,  objetos escaneados retopologiados cortesia de,  y mucha mucha informacion sobre tecnicas en Thinking Particles!

No solo de que boton pulsar, pero de entender la filosofia detras del programa para que podais sacarle el maximo rendimiento. Dirigido no solo a VFX pero tambien a motiongraphics.


I did a spanish introductory course, since there was not so much information about TP in Spanish. Multiple techniques and tricks to understand the program.

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Fluids inside 3dsmax!

We have finally fluids incorporated in 3dsmax with the new release 208.3!  They are called “Fluids”, its basically bifrost, or what before was called Naiad. I joined 3dsmax as a betatester, and I play with this for some time now. And Im quite excited. Easy and clean interface, fast to setup, new Motion Field force, that works not only with fluids but with any mesh or particle system (yes, also with TP!) And is a joy to use. Also the direct PRT export is great. Here some videos I did:


You can download this 3dsmax and tp files here:


Other videos I did experimenting with fluids:

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3d Artist interview

I did an interview with 3d artist magazine 111 about my career, I talk about my passions, how I started on 3d, my studies, my past jobs and what Im doing exactly at Scanline. Some day to day work, some recent shoots explanations in Power Rangers and in Guradians of the Galaxy 2, and also my relation with Cebas and what I do when betatesting the program. Its a interview in 2 pages! you can get the magazine booth digital and printed!Thanks to Cedar and Carrie to make this possible.

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Mastering ValuetoValue operator

In this one hour  tutorial I will explain valuetovalue, why I use it so much, different uses, and combining in different scenarios.

I use value to value for  convert input values to new ones (linear or not linear, invert..), use it as a non linear time animation, to clamp values and much more!

9 Tutorials in one!

0:00 Intro 17:08 normalize debris distribution 21:54 normalize vb raster 24:50 Break linear distribution 32:24 Valuetovalue based on distance 36:36 valuetovalue in provability 42:57 Change density distribution 46:37 Procedural animation 54:38 Terminal velocity 1:00:00 v2v and onetoX

You need 3dsmax 2015 or later, and TP6 or later.

Download 3dsmax scenes here:  

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Tutorial bullet physics Intro

This is a tutorial covering the basics of layertwoparticle and bullet physics in spanish. En este tutorial vamos a ver como funciona el layer to particle, y veremos como seteamos una escena para que automaticamente todos los objetos que añadimos en 3dstudio max se convierten en objetos fisicos y reaccionen entre ellos, explico tambien los principios de bullet physics.

Scene file here / Aqui teneis los archivos de este ejercicio :  Download

For more information, tips and tricks about bullet physics you have this post/ Para mas informacion, consejos y trucos, aqui teneis un post que entra mas en detalle. Bullet physics


Also I create a introduction tutorial to Fluids in tp covering all the basics in spanish. Tambien hay un segundo tutorial con los principios basicos de fluidos para todos aquellos que no tengais ni idea de Tp:


Aqui teneis los archivos de este tutorial/ here you have the files of this tutorial. Download


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