This is a destruction for a friend. Its my first animation for production done with my TD Demolition Master. I prefragged the text with rayfire (a shelled geometry so it was a little tricky) all the physics done with the SC in Thinking particles. I created from fragged geometry particles in TP that I used in FumeFx exporting the velocity for finally put it in Particle flow and render it in Krakatoa.

I rendered it with Vray the main frags and the reflection(Without GI for fast rendering times), the debris in scanline, and the AO in mentalray (I prefer the AO from mental than from Vray).

The composition was done in After effects, I used Twixtor for slow down the animation. Works pretty good since I rendered without motionblur, I added it after the slow down with RSMB (Reel Smart Motion Blur) with a velocity pass. Also I used Depth of field with  Frischluft plugin.

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