Demolition Master

This is a TD done in Thinking Particles to speed up my demolitions.

I can control different things in a quick and easy way. I have diferent materials, wood, concrete and glass. At this moment I have interactive demolition using Volume Breaker or can choose prefragged geometry. I can choose  the lamination of the wood (horizontal or vertical) and 2 types of glass destruction.

There is second fragmentation of the frags depending of the size and velocity of them, the fragmentation its in the impact point and you can choose the influence radius and the size of the frags.

Also there is asociated all kind of debris for wood, concrete and glass. For example in concrete you can choose impact debris, trail debris, splash debris (in contact with ground), and particles to use in FumeFx directly.

I’m currently working on it to add more stuff and make a great and quick tool to easely set-up my destructions.

I have to credit Hristo Velev, He has helped a lot with his free tutorials and with direct suport.

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